Factors that influence disease


A 24-year-old white man has a diagnosis of hemophilia at the age of about 5 to 6 years. He has recently visited the hematology clinic for the follow-up after hospitalization for an accidental knife cut that caused excessive bleeding. The patient has a history of excessive bleeding from tooth extraction, excessive bruising since childhood and the upper gastrointestinal bleeding in the past three years. He has reported chronic pain of his joints and ankles and denied hemarthroses. The patient has given reports about the episodes of excessive bleeding treatment by use of factor VIII and fresh frozen plasma (Remor, 2013).

The patient has the FVIII deficiency (hemophilia A) which is a common type of hemophilia that affects about 5, 000 males at births. The disease approximately affects about 25, 000 people in the United States. Individuals with hemophilia suffer from deficiencies in clotting factor. The mild hemophilia bleedings problems do mainly occur after surgery, trauma and injury. The condition can accompany some symptoms. Almost 25% of the population with hemophilia has the mild deficiency. Those with moderate hemophilia experience bleeding episodes after minor injuries and may lead to spontaneous episodes of bleeding. The server hemophilia happens after trauma, injury and surgery. It has the spontaneous bleeding into muscles and joints characteristics. Recurrent bleeding of the joints also known as hemarthrosis causes hemophilic arthropathy that causes disability at a very young age (Department of Genetics 2015).


Hemophilia is a disease happening as a result of gene mutation, and it is a genetic disease. About 70% of hemophilia cases are inheritable from parents. However, the other 30% of patients do not have the family history. In such cases, the main cause of the condition is by a spontaneous gene mutation during the fertilization stage. Hemophilia is also a condition that is linked to sex since the FIX and FVIII geneses are found on the X chromosome. It is the chromosome X that determines the gender of the baby. Thus, the condition’s clinical manifestation has a link to sex. Therefore, females may not express the bleeding symptom like the males (McPhee, & Hammer, 2012).

The main source of factor VIII (FVIII) production is thought to be from the reticuloendothelial and the liver system. Transplantation of the liver can correct FVIII deficiency to persons with hemophilia. It is because of the increasing cases of individuals with mild hemophilia having progressive liver diseases. Thus, it is an indication that the liver is the main site for FVIII synthesis (Cayir, Yavuzer, and Sayli, 2014).

The RNA messenger for FVIII is also detectable in spleen and liver among other issues. Studies indicate that the production of FVIII in cells lines that are transferable show that after synthesis the FVIII shifts to the endoplasmic reticulum lumen. It is then within other protection that functions in regulating secretion. It particularly regulates the immunoglobulin binding protein in which it has to dissociate in a process that depends on energy. The FVIII’s signal peptide cleavage, as well as oligosaccharides, also takes place in the endoplasmic reticulum. The calnexin, chaperone proteins, and calreticulin, enhance both FVIII degradation and secretion. Regarding genes, the location of the FVIII (F8C) is at the X chromosome arm at Xq28 region. This gene becomes large comprising of 25 intones and 26 exons. A mature FVIII will have about 2332 amino acids. FVIII deficiency is as a result of gene inversion that causes disrupt to the FVIII gene. The disruptions are insertions, point mutations, and deletions. The low levels of FVIII happen as results of external FVIII gene defects.

Comparing Web Development Courses: University Programs vs. Online Platforms like AchieversIT

When it comes to learning web development, prospective students often face a dilemma: should they enroll in a traditional university program or opt for an online platform like AchieversIT? Both options offer valuable opportunities for skill development, but they differ in various aspects, including flexibility, cost, curriculum, and teaching methodology. This article aims to compare web development courses offered by university programs and online platforms like AchieversIT, helping students make informed decisions about their education.

Flexibility and Accessibility
University Programs:

Fixed Schedule: University programs typically follow a fixed schedule, with classes held at specific times and locations.
Limited Flexibility: Students may have limited flexibility in choosing when and where to study, making it challenging for those with other commitments.
Online Platforms (AchieversIT):

Self-Paced Learning: Online platforms offer self-paced learning, allowing students to study at their own convenience.
Flexible Schedule: Students can access course materials and lectures anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for working professionals and individuals with busy schedules.
University Programs:

Tuition Fees: University programs often come with higher tuition fees, including additional expenses such as textbooks, transportation, and accommodation.
Financial Aid: While financial aid options may be available, not all students qualify, and securing funding can be competitive.
Online Platforms (AchieversIT):

Affordability: Online platforms like AchieversIT tend to be more affordable, with lower tuition fees and fewer additional expenses.
Scholarship Opportunities: Some online platforms offer scholarships and financial aid programs to support students from diverse backgrounds.
Curriculum and Content
University Programs:

Structured Curriculum: University programs typically follow a structured curriculum designed by academic experts.
Theoretical Emphasis: Courses may focus more on theoretical concepts, with less emphasis on practical, real-world application.
Online Platforms (AchieversIT):

Practical Focus: Online platforms often prioritize practical, hands-on learning, with a focus on real-world projects and applications.
Industry-Relevant Content: Courses are frequently updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies in the industry, ensuring students learn relevant skills.
Teaching Methodology
University Programs:

In-Person Instruction: University programs often feature in-person lectures and seminars, providing opportunities for face-to-face interaction with instructors and peers.
Structured Learning Environment: The structured learning environment of universities may appeal to students who prefer a traditional classroom setting.
Online Platforms (AchieversIT):

Virtual Instruction: Online platforms deliver course materials through virtual lectures, tutorials, and interactive exercises, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
Supportive Community: Students have access to online forums, discussion groups, and mentorship programs, enabling them to connect with instructors and fellow learners.
Both university programs and online platforms like AchieversIT offer valuable opportunities for learning web development, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. University programs provide a structured learning environment and opportunities for in-person interaction, while online platforms offer flexibility, affordability, and practical, industry-relevant content. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual preferences, learning styles, and career goals. By carefully evaluating the factors outlined in this article, students can make informed decisions to ensure they receive the best possible education in web development. Whether you choose a university program or an online platform like AchieversIT, the key is to select a program that aligns with your needs and aspirations, setting you on the path to a successful career in web development.


Part One
The idea in the case study involves examining the value that the managers have in the company by undertaking rigorous research. In ensuring that the team bought into the vale that the managers have in the company and thus promote the acceptance of the idea, they used the ideas and input from their staff. The company used the ideas that the staff gave in developing the guidelines, classes as well as feedback reports that the managers at the companies use in honing the essential skills that will promote the execution of their duties.

Part Two
The statement if find most useful is in asking for the input of the subordinate staff in designing the training and teaching manuals for the managers. Ensuring that the employees offer these suggestions guarantees that the skills that the management receives are tailored to satisfy the needs of the organization and thus promoting the respect that this two exhibit. The inclusion of the junior employees in designing the training of the managers ensures that the managers receive the specific skills that they employees believe will enhance the success of the business.

Part Three
The assertion of inclusive fits to my personal experience in leadership as the experience I have has taught that by ensuring that all the parties in an organization take the active part in designing solutions, there is the reinforcement of respect and success of the venture. By using the junior staff in the designing of an organization’s solutions to a problem, there is the ownership of the idea by the parties involved which promotes their dedication and commitment to the organization.

Part Four
Leadership is essential attributes that guide the execution of engineering duties. Because engineering involves the technical attributes in the execution of the duties, poor management has direct negative impact on the execution of these duties. In this case, the effective engineering leader will ensure that all the parties in an organization take the active part in designing the leadership qualities they desire and thus enhancing the success of the ventures they lead as the members of their team respect and support their leadership.

Part One
The big idea in the Ted movie is in creating prosthetics that are going to assist the soldiers who have lost parts of their bodies in war mainly about their arms. In designing of the arm, it was a requirement that the arm possesses the best motor control possible. Thus for Ted, selecting the best engineers who had the passion for assisting these war heroes and ensuring that he offered the best possible leadership to guide them in developing the arm was the main attribute of their project.

Part Two
The statement that I find very interesting is the fact that even thought they would take longer in developing the arm, within the first year they had a device that had 12 degrees of freedom, all the sensors as well as the microprocessors. The assertion, in this case, is that the passion and good leadership that they had made it possible for them to do what they believed would take longer within a shorter time.

Part Three

The statement identifies with my experience that with the passion and the right leadership, it is possible to do what seems impossible. The teamwork and dedication that comes from the passion and excellent leadership are the two qualities that are fundamental to the attainment of any engineering project.

Part Four
The statement relates well to my perception of the effective engineering leader in that he/she should be able to select the best team that they believe will realize the desired results. Additionally, the leader should be able to keep the team motivated to attain the set goals, being able to spell out these goals adequately as well as what they need to do to attain the objective. The leader should be the anchor, demonstrating the passion and guidance that the rest of the team can rely upon in attaining their objectives.

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